What You Need To Juggle Business And School

I grew up independently. I wasn’t raised to ask money from my parents, although they insist on giving me allowances from time to time. I used to save a lot from my business which I do while I am still in college. After schooling, I plan to pursue a business course after my Fine Arts program so I can get a good grasp about starting a business. Although I am still in college, I was able to make realizations on how one can start their own business while balancing their studies. Here are my thoughts on juggling both worlds and how I still enjoy what I am doing despite pressure, tiredness, and thesis papers.

You need to have resources like laptop and other materials just enough to start a business

Whether you are starting to have an online shop or you want to promote your skills in the social media, you need to secure a good quality laptop or desktop computer and not rent out. Save money, or loan and invest in a quality laptop. Best if it could be used in a lot of software and applications like writing, video editing, photo editing, and more. It shall also make you more productive and resource as you can have paperless transactions. Other materials you also need are notebooks for recording purposes, and a fast and reliable internet connection to always keep you up to date.

You need to have inspiration

My daily inspiration are my cute kittens which always greets me good morning or good night. Whenever I am tired, their adorable faces just lightens me up.

You need to have networking skills

Even when you are an introvert, it will benefit whatever business you want to put up if you know how to network with other people. Get to know a lot of people and add them in your growing contacts. You would not know the one you met at a coffee shop might give you the biggest break you need. You just have to reach out.

Always be happy and stay positive all the time

Managing an online business while studying is hard. Though my parents told me that they can support my studies and my lifestyle even when I am not earning from my business, it is still vital that you get to stand on your own, and at the same time be happy about what you are doing.


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