Why Photos Are Important

I found a lot of people that read my blog, or actually bloggers themselves. I think this is a really sweet connection. The fact that we support each other, and it that support can sometimes end up bringing us to a wider audience. It always seems pointless when you think that nobody is reading your words at all, even though it’s so nice to write them a lot of the time, without an audience what’s the point?

That’s the kind of thought I’ve been having lately, so I’ve decided that I’m going to gear some of my posts to other bloggers and people who are considering starting blogs. I think that a Blog is kind of a wonderful thing that almost anybody should have.

Socrates used to say ” the unexamined life is not worth living” which I think blogs can be a beautiful tool for. It is so essential that we examine our lives and take notes of our experiences. When I look back at previous blogs of mine, I see a journal of all the things I experienced, and I think it’s very wonderful.

However, one thing that had never been wonderful to me until very recently was searching for stock photographs. I hated it. Not because I didn’t like looking at images, actually I love looking it photography blogs about art and images stuff like that all the time. What I found though, was that so many of the stock photography sites and resources that exist are actually not very good. The images aren’t curated and they have nothing to offer. They can just be boring, unprofessional, or way too general.

So, when I found one that was none of these things, and instead I thought was creative and beautiful… Well, I decided to make a post about it. I think that a site like this can help almost any blogger comma unless they’re using their own photographs as the attached images for their posts, it is likely that every blogger is using stock photography, which can get to be very frustrating.

EyeEm It’s by far the best stock photography resource that I have ever found. Oh my God, it’s actually pretty amazing.

The images are really well organised and they seem to be curated so that only interesting, specific images can make it on there. Since I began using it I have felt way more confident about publishing my post. When I share my posts on Facebook, or see somebody else doing so, I know that potential readers are paying attention. All things to these new images, these Stock Photos that suit my words perfectly.

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