My Five Favorite Apps

With the fast changing world of ours today, I wonder what else technology cannot do. I mean, a lot of people can now have the access to any information in the world wide web, and everything is just a click away. Whether you need an instruction for a project, you need a detailed direction of a new place you are going to, or you just want to know the coolest ice cream stores in the nearby town. Everything is now reachable in just one click.

What I am amazed these past few months, aside from the social media and Google, is the wonderful applications that sprout in the app stores.

They have these apps that you can easily download in no time without having to dwell on it complicatedly. These apps mostly underwent app store optimization so they can easily reach their target users. For me, this is very useful. App stores just recommend the best and mostly downloaded apps which saves you time in researching and looking for the best one. Before downloading, you have the option to review the comments and feedback of every app users, which gives you more way to better look into the reliability of the app.

It can be fun games, a medical self-help app, a dictionary, booking app, and more. Websites are not the only source of getting information in the internet. With the emerging trends of apps, which by the way websites have too to reach a wider audience, a lot of resources are now made available for everyone.

Even more, it they very user-friendly and can are very responsive. What ever you are using—iPhone, a tablet, or even a watch, these can be downloaded with apps that you can carry wherever you go.

Here are some of the apps I use everyday in my business.

  1. Google Apps

Name it and Google probably have it all. From mails, to drives, sheets, chat, messengin, and photo-saving software, the giant has it all. My favorite is Google Maps. Of course, how will I end up in the right foreign place when I do not have this app? This gives me the right direction, the right corner when to turn, and the average time I need to get to that place.

  1. Waze

If I do not feel like using Google maps, I use Waze. Waze is now being widely used in different countries. It started in Israel and I heard it has a lot of good reviews.

  1. Skype

The Sykpe app is very useful for me. When before I need a ton of money just to make a long distance call or text, Skype, and other video and chat apps, have now made it possible to exchange messenges for free. Skype lets me talk to my mother and my two sisters from minutes to hours. Other messaging apps are WhatsApp, Viber, Slack, Hangouts, and Line.

  1. Word Brain

When I am on my downtime I usually play with app games. My current favorite right now, though it is not the “in” thing, is the Word Brain app game. These are word puzzles which goes up to its next level—way complicated and difficult—after solving word names. It is helpful too in expanding my vocabulary so this is a must app for me!

  1. MyFitnessPal

This app helps me track my fitness goals. It gives me more reason to have a double work to achieve the body weight I need. This fitness app was recommended to me by my colleague and since I used it in my phone, I never regretted downloading it. I recommended you try to navigate the apps first before using them so you will know if it will your interests and needs. Note, some apps require purchases (in minimal fee) and you can pay them as they accept credit cards online. You just need to know the apps worth paying for. 🙂

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