Things That Brighten My Day

Hi! I hope you are having fun reading my blog posts. As I said in my About Me page, I will be writing adorable stuff here or just share anything i want to share as long as it is something positive and shall inspire or empower my readers and my friends too. For this blog post, I would like to share with you my list of things that usually brighten my glum mood when I am stressed with schooling. I hope you enjoy reading them!


  1. My Cats

I love my cats! I am a self-confessed cat lover who adores them. I seldom pick up stray cats in the streets and hand them over to charities who can adopt them.

  1. Coffee

Who does not love coffee? Well, I do! I usually drink two to three cups of brewed coffee a day to keep me awake all day (and even all night!). I was immune to palpitations already but my doctor still warned me about the repercussions of having too much caffeine intake.

  1. Travel-inspired Photos

I have always longed to travel. When I graduate, I will be spending two months backing Southeast Asia. I have got a list of places I will visit—Bangkok, the Philippines, and Vietnam. I am so excited to finish schooling already so I can explore other countries on my own.


  1. A Text From My Parents

I miss home so much. Eversince I moved out, my parents would always text me about how my day went or if I am okay or if I am feeling sick. I go home every month but I still get the sad feeling whenever I leave them. Good thing my sister is also with them so they have company.

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