Suggestion For Mothers: This Amazing Wireless Baby Monitor

As you know, I am not a mother. I am a world traveler and I’m always on an adventure. This is what my life is about, adventure adventure adventure. I love to travel to so many different countries and experience all the cultures in the world. I hope to someday be able to say that I have visited every continent, learn the language, and tried the food. This is what my life is all about. I love life because I am always on an adventure and it is fantastic and great. There’s nothing I love more than this. However, I understand that a lot of my Readers do not live the same type of life as I do. Many of my readers are parents who love their lives, too, and live vicariously through my travels. I understand this. I also read blogs from mothers, parents, and domestic people to see the different type of life that is equally for feeling to what I am doing for someone else.

I am shocked by The Simple Pleasures and beauty in all of these lives. They may be different than mine, and of course I think they are less exciting, but they are in many ways making me jealous and I often end up feeling that I am missing out. But then I get distracted by doing something great on an adventure and I realize that I am on my path, and others are on theirs. But still, I recently found a wonderful product, at somebody’s house that I was staying at while traveling, that I would like to tell all of the mothers about.

I’ve stayed with many people with babies over the years. Recently I found the best baby monitor I’d ever seen. The Comfort¬† Cam is a WiFi baby monitor that is way better than any other baby monitor that I have ever seen being used… It uses Wi-Fi and an app. The camera goes on the crib, like a normal baby monitor, but then instead of a separate device or screen, you just downloaded an app and the image from that camera is sent to the app which you log into, so you can just see your baby on the screen of your smartphone, tablet, or other device that you logged into the app on. It’s that simple, and the camera feed is very high quality, it’s a good lens, and it’s just amazing in general. My friends that have been using it say nothing but great things, so I hope to spread this message to any mother who might be reading this with looking for a baby monitor solution.

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