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Lately, I have become strangely interested in the Canadian city of Vancouver. What do you know about Vancouver? I have found out a lot of interesting information about the city, and it has made me really want to go up there and visit. I’ve never really had this experience with the city before, where I become curious about it and grow enamored with it before I’ve even been there. But that’s where I’m at with Vancouver right now.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far. I’ve learned that they get all four seasons, but they get a nice balance of spring, fall, and summer as compared to the winter. They get a bit of snow, but not a whole bunch. That sounds pretty perfect for me. I’ve heard that the nature is absolutely fantastic. There are mountain ranges surrounding the city, with beautiful Peaks that rise up and over Shadow the skyscrapers of the urban center. To me, that sounds like the ideal type of way to live. There are also beaches, along the Pacific coast line, and it is not far to the beautiful Vancouver Island, where you can go whale watching. I’ve always wanted to see an orca whale, and they are common in this area. How exciting!

Unfortunately, I’ve also learned that this is one of the most expensive cities in the entire world. It has only become that way in the last few years, but even though it’s happened quickly, it seems to have happened pretty permanently. Housing costs are very very high. Buying and renting both are expensive, even though the American dollar is so favorable to the Canadian dollar right now.

Needless to say, I think I’ll be booking a trip pretty soon. I want to investigate this city on my own time. In my own way. I’ve contacted a Vancouver Realtor, and he is going to show me some Burnaby condos for sale. My pal, who is also in the same area, also volunteered to accompany my I don’t know  Coal Harbour Condos for sale which she has also been eyeing to see.  I love this city as much as I think I will, I just might.

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