What You Need To Know About Me

Hi there! I am Cassie and welcome to my blog! I am 22-year-old student and entrepreneur living in Montreal together with my two cute cats Olive and Panda. I created this blog to document everything I find cute and adorable. Pardon me if you’ll see posts about my cats, a few Polaroid shots of my room taken by my friend Christy, which am constantly making into a work of art, and some poems and random writings about juggling my life as a student and a businesswoman.

I am taking up Fine Arts and I am in my fourth year now. While managing to keep up with my grades, I also manage a caricature service shop. I discovered my talent in making caricatures back when I was in fifth grade when I made funny caricatures about my brother Ben who has always been nosy. Instead of getting furious over his funny face, he grabbed the artwork and even showed him to his friends! My mother said it looked cute and I should definitely do more artworks kike that. My friends also started requesting if I could theirs and I gently obliged simply because I want them to be part of my portfolio. Today, I put up a website where people from just about anywhere in the world order a service from me. I am so happy because I think I shall pursue this one to the next level until after graduation.

Anyway, too much information about me! Thankyou for reading my About Me page and I also hope to hear about yours too.